Technology Security Services

Security has for years been an add-on service or feature and its compatibility can contribute to the complexity of creating a safe environment. Building security into your business and technology processes and integrating it with your existing technology infrastructure and investments has never been more critical.

Driving this need is the exponential growth of data center transformation, virtualization, social business, mobility and attack sophistication. To address these issues, you need to be able to make faster and more intelligent business decisions surrounding your overall security and risk management posture.

Our Security Services provided in partnership with leading industry experts can deliver the skills, expertise and technology to help you reduce the cost and complexity of securing your infrastructure. Powered by industry research and development, we can provide solutions to help take you from planning and design through implementation, testing, monitoring and management of multi-vendor environments. Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to understanding and meeting your ever-changing business requirements.

How does it work and fit together?

These needs are addressed by three services:

How can we help you?

Ask Dolvin How We Can Help With:

Getting Started: How we engage with you.

  • Contact us to start the conversation and identify your real challenges and determine relative risks and potential improvements.
  • Perform a high level overview analysis and review for potential solution fit.
  • High level product overview or demo to gauge the effectiveness and organizational cultural fit.
  • Budget review with decision makers.
  • Departmental review with needs analysis, when necessary.
  • In depth product review and demonstration to show how the solution addresses the challenges.
  • Revised proposal for approval.
  • Agreement.
  • When available provide a trail period for evaluation of effectiveness.
  • Project plan for implementation.
  • Training and implementation.
  • Review effectiveness and implement updates when and where needed.