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Business Risk Management Solutions by Dolvin Consulting

By helping you to enable technological solutions to your challenges, we feel that you will be able to better allocate resources and control costs, because you will have a real time view of what is happening across your organization (Non-Profit or For-Profit). The first step to working together is to define your challenges in a common language and see if they can be addressed either by our product and services or by a referral to another resource. If we both feel there is a good fit, then we can determine the next logical step together, which may be a meeting or agreement to start working together. A quick thought about Return on Investment (ROI) when considering security services. Calculating a return is hard to do on something that has not happened. For example, how much time and money did you save by not getting into a car accident, because you have air bags, installed new tires, and maintained your brakes? When you make the decision to look at the subject of Security as Risk Management then this allows your organization to determine appropriate counter measures that mitigate the potential losses. Let us help you identify areas that are most likely to be compromised so that you can make sound decisions to justify and allocate your security budget. You can choose by budget or value. We believe that value has the better Return on Investment and will allow you to sleep better at night. Control Security by Managing the Risk. We look forward to hearing from you. Contact Dolvin now to talk about managing your organization’s risk.

Concluding Thoughts:

Not sure where your needs lay? Most people and companies do not. People understand that these topics are important, but so is all the other stuff on their desk. We can help you manage the complexities of compliance.

What product or service is right for your business? We have no way of knowing your “Risk Quotient” or more simply the amount of risk unique to your business or lifestyle without talking with you and learning what information you process. How do you process the information? Which people in your organization have access? Who, in fact, touches it? Who should have access? What happens when you lose control? Who do you call after-the-fact?

The basic components of risk to consider are:

No one can promise you that you will never have a problem. Not even us. What we can do is help you understand your relative risk, take appropriate steps and follow industry best practices, while contacting our Technology Partners to stay on top of emerging trends.

Not later, now, when you have a pre breach situation, when we can take our time and assess the risk and create a plan of action. You can contact us after the regulators come and park at your place of business, but at that point in time it will be more like a roller coaster ride and the only thing assured will be the ups and downs with little control of costs. Let us help you create a defensible position. Now it the time to fight back, do not wait until it is too late.