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Does the lack of a comprehensive tool set or resources to identify and manage the risk factors in your organization keep you awake at night? Many organizations do not consider themselves a target to threats? What are the specific risk factors? What regulations are we responsible for? We know that we have compliance issues, but we are not sure we have a solution for all of them. Who do we contact? How do we even know what we need to do?

Should we purchase and install a solution on our premise or would a cloud based solution make more sense? Generally the same risks and exposures exist in both environments to varying degrees. Web based application attacks are a significant threat for customers in both environments, number one threat for in-cloud and number two for on-premise solutions.

A majority of attacks are opportunistic rather than targeted. Which means security managers should assume that vulnerabilities will be discovered and exploited, regardless of an organization’s likelihood of being specifically targeted. The top two threats are web application and brute force attacks. Employees are targets for the keys to the information they have access to.

What is your organization doing today to identify, test and remediate weaknesses in your solutions? Have you considered or have a plan to address mobile technology?

Organizations need to stop thinking boarders and reconsider these four components together and not separately when their people access internal information.

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