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Dolvin Consulting is an authorized reseller of Optimum Solutions. We can help you select, procure, and implement the best solution for your needs.


Optimum Payroll gives companies ownership of the in house payroll process, serving as a comprehensive accounting software solution for today’s demanding world of payroll. Our Optimum Payroll program currently processes over 10 MILLION paychecks annually at our customer sites throughout the United States and Canada. Reap the cost savings and gain control of processing payroll in house with Optimum Payroll account software.

Human Resources

Optimum Human Resources defines the standard for legal compliancy and reporting requirements for today’s busy HR professionals. Optimum HR automates your HR management department and ensures organizational compliance with federal and state governmental laws such as EEO, COBRA, OSHA, and Worker’s Compensation. Extensive employee information is available at your fingertips with our human resource software system which aids in protecting your company’s most valuable asset – your people!

Time and Attendance

Optimum Time & Attendance is at the forefront in offering customers a robust time-tracking solution. When dealing with countless employees and multiple schedules, efficiency is what companies demand. From the selection of clocks, to the implementation of software, Optimum Solutions can help your company map out a total time and attendance solution.