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Are you concerned about what happens to “you”? Companies have compliance issues and their responsibilities include notification and in some cases credit monitoring. Credit monitoring is nice and you can do that on your own, if you like. But, what happens if there is an incident. The FTC/Government has a 50 plus page booklet to help you identify areas that should be addressed. How much time will that take? How confident are you that you have the knowledge and resources needed to diligently follow through.

It is your credit history, how well will you sleep at night?  Do you have any other type of insurance?

Would having access to legal experts in many different disciplines, not just one, anywhere you travel be of value? How nice would it be to be able to have someone on your “team” review any type of document that needed to be signed? Would you have more confidence if you said to someone before purchasing a service or product that you will have your legal team review the document first?

You (will) have people. At an affordable price and discounts for services not directly covered under your agreement. Peace of mind. Everyone deserves legal protection.

Identity Management is your responsibility and you must take charge before problems occur.

How can Dolvin help you?

Through the use of our integrated suite of web content filtering, data loss prevention, PC activity monitoring and laptop recovery, we help you solve the problem of the internal threats at the endpoint, regardless of whether your users are on or off of the network, perfect for the mobile workforce.