HIPAA Compliance

We need to make health care information more accessible, but at the same time we are exposing it to more risks, such as identity theft and medical claim fraud.

In order to comply with HIPAA, health care organizations and their business partners need to review log data, implement intrusion detection solutions and conduct regular vulnerability scans to help strengthen their security programs and protect the health care information. With the passage of the HITECH Act in 2009, cleaning up after a breach will often be more expensive and damaging than preventing one, making compliance with HIPAA all that much more important.

The Finance industry like the Healthcare industry has its own set of compliance and regulatory requirements. In fact the need to be proactive is not limited to regulated industries, but they do have a higher level of regulation and penalty for non compliance as they are dealing with highly valuable information.

Any organization that handles personal information needs to address the risks associated with that stewardess. The loss of reputation and resulting loss revenue and the onslaught of government regulators make this a top priority for everyone.

By providing a blended and comprehensive security and compliance solution so you can be more proactive in the defense against cyber crime.

How can we help you?

HIPAA Training

Are you prepared, do you have an advocate, a trusted advisor to help you navigate your way through the mass of information? Is your organization at regulatory risk for something easily identified? Do you have a compliance officer? Who is responsible for compliance? Who pays the fines for non compliance? What is Private Health Information (PHI) and what are my risks? Non health care professionals need to be educated if they have access. Who has access to your information?

We can provide comprehensive education for individuals, groups and vendors. The training and education program combines self-paced online lessons, multimedia content, certification exams and hands-on practical experience with access to a real-world certified EMR solution. Continuing Education Credits (CEU) and college credit available.